Outer Islands

The further afield you go, the more amazingly diverse your experience in Vanuatu will be. Customs vary from island to island, and also village to village with diversity in language and tradition just waiting for you to discover. Tourism is slowly spreading to the outer islands, meaning easy access to volcanoes, ancient villages, customs and languages not seen or heard anywhere else in the world.

Outer islands tend to be very remote, so take a first aid kit with you. You may lose electricity from time to time, and water may be in short supply. Don't let these things stop you from exploring the outer islands of Vanuatu. The experience is worth it and you will never forget your time with the traditional people and pristine beauty of remote Vanuatu. We have up to date information on bungalow and village accommodation through the Shepherd Islands just North of Efate, and also in more remote areas of Efate. Please email us for information.

Aneityum (Anatom) & Mystery Islands

The most southern points of Vanuatu, Aneityum and Mystery Islands are a bushwalker's paradise and a snorkeler's haven. To say that they are untouched and pristine sounds cliché, but it is true. With twice weekly flights from Port Vila landing on the tiny Mystery Island, your adventure starts when you touch down. There are almost no vehicles or western style buildings to be seen, these islands are remote, basic, and beautiful. Cooler in the Winter that the northern islands and Malaria free, these islands are magnificent and worth the trek south.  Itinerary free, they are also shop free and sometimes electricity free so if you REALLY want to see what Robinson Crusoe experienced, these are the islands for you. Taking a comprehensive first aid kit with you is a must. Local fruit and vegetables are available at the small local markets, as is fresh seafood and basic items.

For basic but clean bungalow accommodation call Kenneth for availability. Booking accommodation on a remote island is very relaxed. Just call and then show up. Remember to take cash with you!

+678 777 0558

Banks & Torres Islands

At the northern tip of Vanuatu, laying under the tropical sun enjoying the warmest of the summer heat in Vanuatu, lie the Banks and Torres Islands. Banks islanders are known for their canoe skills and their dancing. Some custom dances even take place in the water! Sail in to the mouth of an ancient volcano, watch an ancient snake dance and enjoy some of the best game fishing in the world. These sparsely populated islands teem with a variety of animal life. Relax in a basic bungalow on the beach or cruise to an uninhabited reef island and snorkel as if you are the only person in the South Pacific.

For basic accommodation in Sola at the Leumerous Guesthouse and also on Ra at Paradise Bungalows, please call Father Luke Dini or his wife Rona for pricing and availability. Booking accommodation this way is very relaxed. After making your booking, just show up. Remember to take cash with you!

+678 774 5770


Epi is just north of Efate and is another jewel in Vanuatu’s crown. Epi is unique in so many ways. It has a beach with black and white sand appearing naturally side by side, moved by currents and supplied by distant volcanoes.  Epi will take your breath away. The snorkelling is superb! Resident dugongs, inland reefs, submerged volcanoes and hot springs mean that Epi is different from other islands in Vanuatu. Shark free waters invite you to swim every day and the local people will welcome you with the biggest smiles in Vanuatu. The word has it that there is good surfing to be had on the North East of the island, and with a protected maritime zone at Nikaura the diving on Epi is out of this world. With airfields at Lamen Bay and Valesdir serviced regularly by Air Vanuatu, extend your time in Port Vila with a few days on Epi. Email us for Tourism Vanuatu's latest guide to bungalow and guest house accommodation options on Epi.

+678 731 3274

Malekula and Ambrym

Malekula boasts cultural diversity and unique languages like no other. With over 30 different languages spoken on the island today, the ancient way of life is evident from the moment you step ashore. Malekula is famous for the Big Nambas and the Smol Nambas. A namba is a penis sheath worn traditionally for hundreds of years, and still worn today in some tribal areas. The islanders are very proud of their custom way of life and a trip here will certainly broaden your mind and heart.

The island of Ambrym has twin volcanoes and excellent diving and snorkelling sites. With a myriad of sites to visit and jungles to explore, Ambrym is an interesting as it is diverse.  Refer to Air Vanuatu’s website for flight details to Lamap, Malekula and Craig Cove, Ambrym.

The website below is a great start for planning your trip to these magical, ancient, and diverse islands.


Pentecost is reasonably used to tourists, thanks to the world famous land diving, or Nagol from April to June each year in the southern part of the island. There are also untouched jungle walks, the island’s highest peak to climb, waterfalls to explore and reefs to snorkel. Your accommodation options are basic but you will be provided with everything you need. The languages and customs on Pentecost are unique and unchanged for hundreds of years. Sand drawing and traditional dress such as penis sheathes and grass skirts are just the beginning of your cultural journey on this amazing island. Flights from Vila or Santo at least twice a week by Air Vanuatu to Lonorore touchdown on a grass airstrip. Transport on the island will be arranged for you by your accommodation. For current tour and accommodation options  please email us direct and we will get straight back to you.


Besides the world famous Mt Yasur on Tanna, there are many other tours available on this magical island that can take you to blue holes, diving spots, secluded snorkelling spots, black and white sand beaches, cargo cults, villages untouched by time and a shy but friendly people who are ready with a smile and a welcoming hand shake. Due to the nature of Tanna, it is best to organise a tour as the roads are rough and transport options are limited. 

Try Banyan Treehouse Accommodation on +678 541 5931 for a unique Tanna experience.

Cruising Under Your Own Steam

Sailing in the South Pacific on your own yacht is the ultimate way to take a month, year or decade to explore this untouched paradise.

When you enter Vanuatu under sail, the only approved ports of entry are Port Vila on Efate, Leanakel on Tanna, Luganville on Santo, and Sola on Vanua Lava (Banks Islands). Most craft would come to Port Vila or Santo at first anyway to stock up on supplies. After this, you are free to explore!

The outer islands truly are untouched gems waiting to be explored. You literally could be the first person to ever set foot on some of the uninhabited islands of this island chain. Experience this for yourself only in Vanuatu, the jewel of the South Pacific.


There are just a few camp grounds around Vanuatu. The details are below. There really isn't such a thing as "Crown Land" in Vanuatu. All land belongs to someone, so to pitch a tent just anywhere isn't a good idea. Having said that, if you wanted to stop a night or two near a local village, asking permission of the local chief would probably get you a favourable hearing, and paying a few hundred vatu a night (just a few dollars) could seal the deal. Like everyone, local people like to be treated with respect. In traditional villages, skimpy clothing isn't the done thing, so if you are off the beaten track, please cover up. You time with local people, especially those living a custom lifestyle, will be very rewarding and you will learn alot!

Campgrounds are:

Yasur View Lodge, Treehouse and Campground (Located on Tanna) Stay here for up close and personal Mt Yasur(volcano) experiences www.yasurview.com

Gideon's Landing / Havannah Eco Lodge (Located on Efate) Drive about 40 minutes from Vila, heading west around the island. Signs on the side of the road. Spectacular bay with calm waters for swimming and snorkelling. Great spot with lots to do close by.

Bukura Beach (Located on Efate) Drive about 15 minutes from Vila, heading west, after Mele take the road to Devil's Point (it has lots of signs at the beginning of the road) and about 5-8 minutes down the road you will see a large green sign on your left listing several phone numbers listed for you to call. Beautiful beach front land with coral reef frontage. Close to other attractions too.

Espirito Santo

Espirito Santo, or just Santo to most people, isn't an outer island. It is THE island of the north of Vanuatu, and the largest of the whole archipelago. Many people forgo the hustle and bustle of Vila and head straight to Santo for a week or two of the South Pacific as it should be - slow, unhurried, clean, and hot. Santo is far hotter than Efate all year round. January through to March is for the true sun-lover, so if you don't like it tooooo hot, it may be best to avoid these months. It does also have a few more tropical bugs than the cooler islands don't have so please be diligent with your mozzie repellent. Santo is truly beautiful so go and enjoy your time in the untouched northern islands of Vanuatu.

Here are a few items to get you started up North:

Million Dollar Point (diving site from WW2)

Ri Ri River


Dolphin and Elephant Islands

The various blue lagoons and of course, Champagne Beach

Bay of Illusion / Mantanas Bay

Wrecks to Rainforest - a local tour company

Villages on the SW side of the island that are famous for their style of pottery, dating back 3,500 years.

The world famous Ratua Island Resort

The legendary James Michener's tale of the South Pacific was set in Santo - you can visit the spot!

Things to avoid - Tangoa area is known for sharks and also the Naraka River isn't safe for swimming at all

We have many local contacts in Santo already, so if there is something you would like to know, please email us. We can also recommend this beautifully located retreat on Aore Island, Aoredise.