Digital Detox

Working 9 - 5 Monday to Friday is unheard of in this digital age. We are contactable 24/7. Constantly updated, tweeted, messaged, beeped and buzzed at, from the moment we wake up until late into the night. It is quite literally doing our collective head in! Regain control of your work/life balance now and disconnect to reconnect.

Digital detox refers to a period of time during which you choose to not use your electronic devices such as smartphones and computers. This time allows you the opportunity to reduce stress and focus on social interaction in the physical world.

Still not sure if you qualify? Signs that you need a digital detox may include lack of concentration, a feeling of irritation if separated from your device or when your battery is running low, looking at your phone first thing when you wake up, ignoring people while you are using your digital device, and reduced productivity resulting from overwhelming use of digital devices.

Sound familiar? There is no better place to disconnect to reconnect than Vanuatu. The untouched and undeveloped natural beauty of Vanuatu means that switching off and looking up and out at the world has never come more easily. When we look down at our devices all day, we miss out on so much.

Make the best decision to improve your life now. Email us today regarding availability to retreat at the divine Papaya Villa or unwind in the unique La Maison du Banian. T

Papaya Villa

Eton Reef

Papaya Villa is located on 1.6 kilometres of pristine beachfront amongst the old copra plantations on the south eastern side of Efate, overlooking Eton Reef. Eton is famous for its white sandy beaches and of course the nearby Blue Lagoon.

Papaya Villa is a luxury retreat that is warm, comforting, refreshing, perfect. At Papaya Villa you can perfect the art of doing nothing. Or you can take advantage of your own private beach front, superb snorkeling, private natural lap pool, and serene walks around the property. Pick your own papaya for breakfast! If you need to detox and retreat to recharge, revitalise, and reconnect with yourself and your loved one, Papaya Villa is the perfect place to be.

  • 2
  • Non-Smoking

$AUD 175 / night

3 night minimum stay

Book a private cooking class in your chef's kitchen and make the most of fresh seafood caught at your door.